May 17, 2020

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【出演】Song here/地面のうた 第3回HOT POT 東アジア・ダンスプラットフォーム

May 17, 2020








"Song here"


HOTPOT East Asia Dance Platform 2020 


on FEB 16th 2020, at Yokohama Red Brik Warehouse No.1 3rd floor hall

Photo: Yulia Sko.

Choreography: Shiraga Momoko

Performance: Shiraga Momoko, Nishii Yukiko, Nagamine Maki

Music: Nishii Yukiko

Set design and costume: Nagamine Maki

Support: Miyamoto Yohei, Steep Slope Studio, Toyohashi Arts Theatre / Toyohashi


From program:

"The three of us believe that no matter how the scenery of a land may change, no matter how its people may change, its true essence - its sights, its ways of life - persist in its songs[folk songs]. We attempt to turn anything and everything into folk songs, presenting them here as dance, music, and space [stage design]. In summer 2018, we felt out of place as we participated in a staging of Hijikata Tatsumi's book "The Ailing Dance Mistress" as part of Dance Ga Mitai! 20 at d-soko in Nippori, "Song here" is a reimagination of that piece."


After landscapes, people and lives disappeared, what are left in the (folk) songs? I'm interested in that purposeful things connected to a site, time, body, movement, feeling shift to more meaningless things or become to have other meanings by time advances and transferring among places and people.

We are trying to create performance by looking for "origin" within us to express something in our fieldwork and mix our memories at the places separated from the first place. This work has performed in the theaters, but we would like to perform outside of theatre too in the future.




第3回HOT POT 東アジア・ダンスプラットフォーム


横浜赤煉瓦倉庫1号館 3Fホール

写真: Yulia Sko.










HOT POTではダンスがみたい!20「土方巽『病める舞い姫』を上演する。」に参加した作品を再構成しました。

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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